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Arthur Louis
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London, UK

Knockin on Heavens door album featuring Eric Clapton 8/10 Rock magazine...Programme about him just featured on BBC2 radio show... Arthur Louis entered the public imagination in

Arthur Louis


Knockin on Heavens door album featuring Eric Clapton 8/10 Rock magazine...Programme about him just featured on BBC2 radio show... Arthur Louis entered the public imagination in 1974 with his debut album "Knocking on Heavens' Door" featuring both Eric Clapton and Gene Chandler. Clapton covered “Someone like you” written by Arthur Louis featured on the Clapton box set Crossroads. These facts alone attest to his standing amongst fellow musicians. Arthur played and continues to play the white Fender Stratocaster guitar given to him by Jimi Hendrix on this album to this day. His albums have also topped the global charts creating an international cult following. Arthur Louis was the first artist to hire Branson's Manor studios close to Oxford, and recommended the tapes that became "Tubular Bells" by his bass player Mike Oldfield to Richard Branson. After a trip to Italy, Arthur came back to England to find that he had lost his bass player, and that Virgin Records had a multi-million album seller on their hands. History records that "Tubular Bells" sold in excess of 25 million copies, kick-starting the Virgin Empire. Arthur showed Eric Clapton how to mix his love of Blues, Rock and Reggae into a wonderful new cocktail of sound. Arthur loved Bob Dylan and wanted to introduce Dylan to a black audience, so used Reggae as the perfect vehicle. Clapton went on to record his own version, and acknowledged Arthur's arrangement, also recording the Arthur Louis composition "Someone like You" as a "B" side. Eric Clapton also featured the track on the infamous Clapton CD box set Crossroads Arthur like many musicians turned to painting for inspiration during the late 1970's and early 1980's to express his creativity. But although Arthur tried to move from his musical past, the past would not forget him. The album "Knocking On Heavens' Door" had achieved cult status in the West, and reached no. 6 in the International Charts in Japan in 1976. Arthur started recording and performing again in the late Eighties. This resulted in 5 albums worth of unreleased material. Interest from Japan encouraged Arthur to release an album entitled "Back From Palookaville" in 1998 which further established him as one of the finest interpreters of Bob Dylan with an incredible blues version of "I shall be released" Arthur is blessed with a unique voice, as all great singers are, and this has improved with age. He still performs and records around the world, having recently been "discovered" in Italy where he outsells many other named artists, and has a new album in the pipeline. A Musicians' musician, Arthur is invited to events like playing at the London launch of "Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues". Having being a musician for over 45 years and working with some of the best known names in the business, the Arthur Louis story is an untold one. The fact that wider recognition has sidestepped such a distinctive talent tells its' own story. This website tries to redress that balance. Arthur Louis was, and still is, a well respected composer and guitar player a familiar face at the height of the Speakeasy's hey day, jamming and supporting many of the legends that we know today. BLACK CAT - ARTHUR LOUIS - ALBUM REVIEWS AND AIRPLAY Black Cat Records are putting this out via Proper and as veteran singer Arthur explains in the liner notes, the album revisits some of his greater moments but also adds some newer songs including the title cut and ‘New Harvest’. This scribe is hardly neutral on Arthur Louis – we met a few years back when he played some shows at the Venue off Leicester Square in London and I ended up compering the second of these. Arthur let me play the white Strat given to him way back at a music bar by one Jimi Hendrix (there was a hole in the upper horn where Jimi had flipped it to play left-handed !) and then a few weeks later when my band played the 100 Club to help launch a blues DVD series and Louis appeared, I immediately invited him to sing and play with us. Born in Jamaica and relocated at a young age to Brooklyn, Louis was exposed to all kinds of music ; later he made friends with Eric Clapton leading to EC playing guitar on Arthur’s recordings. The musicians on these recordings really are the cream of the crop and they include sublime singer Noel McCalla, horn maestro Nick Payn and ace drummer Blair Cunningham. Arthur’s voice is tinged with a dry warmth and his delivery edges towards the poetic. The words matter, to Arthur Louis. He is equally at home on Caribbean tinged songs, hard bluesrockers such as ‘Fast Car’ and reflective material and perhaps this results from his well-travelled past and willingness to soak up what he hears. In an interview I had with Arthur it is clear that the news can fuel his muse so the world is his engine, in that respect. From the eerie slide and rich horn burst of opener ‘Born To Sing the Blues’, Louis has your attention and the mix shows his pipes to good advantage. Outside of the mighty Taj Mahal perhaps no other artist has quite this global touch; every now and again I hear echoes of Sleepy John Estes but of course these are contemporary settings hewn from roots styles. Hence fleet and biting guitar solos from Les Davidson and Winston Delandro sound oh so right. The orchestral ambience of ‘Black Cat’ adds a filmic quality before the track starts to skank – delicious ! The latenight roll of ‘End Of An Era’ is the ultimate in intimate vulnerability, a song easing its way out of pain and what a chorale and counterpoint melody over the verses….Closer ‘Rose A London’ is a tough chugger with a mean guitar line. Arthur Louis – where experience fuels music by turns mellow and incisive. Welcome back, boss Pete Sargeant Nothing but the Blues Podcast 18 October 2008 Artist Title Arthur Louis Rescue Me _Listen to the show Arthur Louis - CD - Black Cat "Cleverly combining the sharp and expressive dynamics of horns and the more subtle and cosseting blanket of keyboards to vie with his distinctive guitar work, Louis brings new energy and expression to the form. 'Arthur Louis' 'Black Cat' is the personification of easy electric blues - contemporary, varied and beautifully chilled, 'Black Cat' positively purrs along with slick professionalism and gentle persuasiveness." Peter J Brown aka toxic pete (



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