The Strike Nineteens

The Strike Nineteens


Glasgow, United Kingdom

The Strike Nineteens: David Muir, Andy Malley, Paul Kerr and David Thompson all hail from the West Coast of Scotland. From the opening riff of their first rehearsal, original

The Strike Nineteens


The Strike Nineteens: David Muir, Andy Malley, Paul Kerr and David Thompson all hail from the West Coast of Scotland. From the opening riff of their first rehearsal, original song after original song poured out and within a matter of months The Nineteens had over 30 songs to choose from. Something special was happening….. The quartet's second album 'A Farewell To Everything' reflects song writing of personal experience and testimony. This is highlighted on the songs A Farewell To Everything and Cowboys and Diamonds. Shotgun Girlfriend and Golden Smiles are radio friendly anthems that capture what is good about live music and are upbeat, sing-along compositions. Bands rarely use mission statements to define their art but The Strike Nineteen's are different. "As with everything the music scene goes through fashions and trends" lead singer David Muir explains. "But like fashions and trends there always remain a few tried and tested constants like denim, trainers, t-shirts and the ever late bass player. Musically you have staples like U2, Coldplay and Snow Patrol. No matter what is happening in the charts or what is musically fashionable, these guys always release albums that instantly win people's hearts. That is our mission statement and that is what we are going to deliver." "The amount of songs written at the start put us in a really strong position" David continued. "Most live venues ask you to play for 30 – 40 minutes so we could easily choose our best songs to get the message across. Then in turn it also lets us rotate the songs we played and gave a new twist to every gig." The band has embraced contemporary technology with Facebook and MySpace but recognise that playing live and road-testing new songs is the way forward. In addition the band have invested heavily in their own lighting as well as other ways of making each gig a visual as well as a musical experience. "It is really important for us to play in front of new people. It gives you a reality check and ensures that you are still travelling in the right direction musically." The Nineteen's continue to reach out to their audience and by the power of the Internet have gained fans all over the world. Invites to play have come in from such diverse places as The College Fest Panama City FL, Boston Fest, New York, Egypt and Europe, as a result The Band will be taking their music further afield 2012. Their exceptional 2nd album was launched in the O2 ABC2 on June 19th 2010 and it provided the audience with a spectacular audio and visual treat. The reviews of the evening and the album have been excellent and prove that The Strike Nineteen's have what it takes to go all the way to the top. "As with all good things, it seemed to be over moments after it had all begun and I was left pondering the £6 entrance fee I had invested. This measly fee was the greatest value for money I have enjoyed in the music scene and I would have happily dropped three times that amount for a ticket. The Strike Nineteens/Reviews/ABC2 Glasgow.php" Tipped as one to watch in 2011, they have furthered their cause by making it to the latter stages of this year's prestigious 'Live and Unsigned' competition. The Nineteen's impressed at their audition and beat hundreds of other acts to secure one of the coveted regional final places. At the regional finals which took place on March 12th at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. The Nineteen's went on to once again showcase their sound and impress the judges and progress to the Area final on Sunday 8th May 2011 at the Willows in Manchester. In typical fashion, the guys are promoting their performances as well as their progress in the competition via their MySpace, Facebook, Webpage, Radio and printed press. They have received radio play in America, Egypt, Italy, Norway, England and Canada to name but a few and have even made headlines in a Russian newspaper which has one of the largest circulations in Europe. "The Strike Nineteens music will race inside your ears and kick your musical tail before you know what hits you." Independents Uncovered. 2010 was a fantastic year! and the guys have gone from strength to strength, the increased sales, hits, downloads, radio play, newspaper and magazine reviews both home and abroad have been amazing. The supports, Festival invites and increased exposure have caused a ripple effect. With offers coming in from European and US labels the A&R guys are taking notice of the new kid on the block. "A radio friendly mix of rock sensibilities and Indie whimsy. Each song is almost familiar." Is This Music




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