TF Music founded in 2000, is a media specialist incorporating: TV Production, Music Production and Event Management.


What is TF trying to achieve with The TFTV music show?

Where does a band start it's career normally? Well whether you are the Beatles or Coldplay you would have started playing your music to people in intimate bespoke venues...

TFTV films in these smaller, intimate venues in major cities such as London, New York and LA bringing you established and emerging talent direct to your screen. When emerging we had acts such as: Adele, Maximo Park, The Noisettes grace our stages.... Fortunately this talent has been discovered, signed and brought to you.

We have had so much more great talent play our shows that has not been discovered by the public yet... At TF we could not believe this talent was not getting a chance to connect with you the public so we came up with the idea of The TFTV music show along with the functionality of this website...

Long story short we are all when we go to a website we want what we want fast... TFTV and the TF website acts as a filter/chart by public rating. There are two categories for you to help hear today's and tomorrow's new super groups...


“VIP Members”


The "cream", some established, some emerging are listed as "VIP Members".

Under VIP Members you pick your genre and you are hearing for example the best new Rock acts on the LA or London gig circuit...

So whether its The Sunset strip in LA or Soho in London you will be able to watch it via The TFTV music show....

You can rate acts helping their position in the charts and if you really like it you can purchase their music via iTunes.


“Band Submissions”


At TF we believe it's only fair that every band gets a chance for the public to say what they think. Lets face it, it's the public who buy the music....If they like it they can buy it....if they don't like they don't buy it...

Up to now the normal process has been to send your demo to the record label and a few people listen and decide if you get signed or not. They try to decide what you the public are going to like....

Now you can decide yourself by listening to the music sent to us from around the world...The acts with the highest ratings get automatically ranked accordingly in the Band submissions chart...This helps get exposure, recognition and fans for emerging talent. The most publicly rated might be asked to play The TFTV show.


The TFTV Music Show


A music series that takes us back to the basics and features the hottest most tipped new bands of the moment. Featured on the pilot is a recognised TV presenter who has presented for the BBC, MTV and numerous channels.. The show features live filming in LA, New York, London, Glasgow and Edinburgh. This is the TV version of The Marquee the legendary venue that launched David Bowie, Roxy Music, Rod Stewart and Elton John. This could be televisions answer to the Cavern Club. A ‘living’ venue with live bands.pat

Each week new signed bands, established bands and emerging buzz bands on the UK/US music scene perform. Always live the bands have to be able to do it for real. This show is about atmosphere, a real night out but in the comfort of your own home. This is no studio audience but a real paying punter venue that happens to be on TV each week. Currently the show is under discussion by US and UK TV broadcasters.


TV Production


TF’s latest TV production is The TFTV music show. The pilot has recently been
completed and is currently being reviewed by broadcasters and is coming soon as online TV or broadcast TV.

What is TFTV?

TFTV is a cutting edge music TV show filming some of the best established, new signed and up and coming bands from around the world in locations such as London, LA, New York, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Previously TF started the TF Music show on a Sky network and online featuring comedy actress Olivia Lee and some of the UK’s finest emerging talent.


TF Jam Sessions

We have had artists such as The Egg, Tug (Basement Jaxx, Elton John), Kezia Jones, Patrick Alan (Drifters, PB Underground), Neil Conti (Bowie, Prefab Sprout, Jagger), Jingles, Ike Leo (Bjork, The Christians, Jazz Warriors), Tansay (Bjork), Thomas Lang (King Crimson, John Wetton), Stuart Zender (Jamiroquai, Mark Ronson), SIA, Andy Kremer (Zohar), Erran Cohen (Zohar), Graham Silbiger (James Brown), Dylan Howe (Steve Howe – Yes/Asia), Matt Hodginson, Joey Ducane (Arthur Baker), Tim Tate, Alex Maranca, Rick Waite, Lew West, Lesley Craig, Glenn Scott, Michael Bailey (Bassist for Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin), Gangerdin, Sacha Skarbek (James Blunt, Adele), Stefan Skarbek (Amy Winehouse) at our jam sessions...



TF Music Releases


Production, releases and distribution

Lockhart/Pearl Divers featuring Ibiza DJ John Sa Trincha licensed to Sony for
“The Salinas Sessions” 5/5 DJ magazine

Lockhart goes to No3 in the Café del Mar Ibiza dance chart with the track “Looking across the River” featured on the Lockhart album licensed to IRMA records and iTunes. Timeout said – “Something raw and vital, but smooth and classy too. Has developed a loyal following.”

Pschent records license “You got the look/Bush” by DJ Sam Young and Lockhart (Younghart) with the track receiving air play in Europe and Japan. Also mentioned in Billboard.

TF music signs deal with iTunes. Music legend Arthur Louis released his new record “Black Cat” and “Knocking on Heavens door” featuring Eric Clapton through TF distribution on iTunes.

Production/writing credits

  • Lockhart album (Irma, Sony, Pschent. No3 Café del Mar Dance chart)
  • DJ Sam Young and Stuart Zender (Bassist from Jamiroquai
, Mark Ronson) 
  • Arthur Louis (Album featuring Eric Clapton) 
  • Writing session/beats for Tony de Niro (Puff Daddy crew)
  • Writing session/beats for Leah Wood (Ronnie Wood)
  • Writing session/beats Alex Cartana (EMI)
  • Remix “Can you feel it” with Stuart Zender (Bassist from Jamiroquai
, Mark Ronson) 
  • Mastering Mix/Guitar for Tugg from Basement Jaxx
, Elton John 
  • Writing/mixing Stefan Skarbek (Amy Winehouse, BMG)
  • Session - Sacha Skarbek (James Blunt, Adele,)
  • Writing/mixing Erran Cohen (Zohar – Ark records)
  • Writing/mixing Andrew Kramer (Zohar – Ark records)
  • Writing/mixing Neil Conti (Jagger, Bowie, Glen Scott, Brian Eno)
  • Writing/mixing DJ John Sa Trincha (Sony, 5/5 Dj magazine “The Salinas sessions”)
  • Writing/mixing DJ Sam Young 

TF Productions


Pop – Soho – Adele, The Egg, Joey Ducane, Patrick Alan, Neil Conti, Bluefoot, Lockhart

Priveledge – (Guinness book of records largest club in the world 12k capacity in Ibiza) organised concert with Bluefoot, Romina Jonson (Artful Dodger hit UK No2 “Moving too fast”), Finley Quaye, Stuart Zender from Jamiroquai, DJ Yomanda, DJ Lee Dagger

Subterrania – Mean Fiddler – Vince Power – Zohar, Bluefoot

Neighbourhood – Nottinghill/Ladbroke Grove – Leah Wood (Ronnie Woods Daughter), The Rifles, Maximo Park, King Charles

My Place with Steve Mason (Xfm radio presenter, Gene) – Covent Garden - Emiliana Torrini, The Yards, Hal, Dogs, The Noisettes, New Rhodes

Punk – Soho

Ronnie Scots – Joey Ducane

Hard Rock Café – Bluefoot

Cherry Jam – TF music show with celebrity actress Olivia Lee

Nottinghill Carnival TF Charity Event at the Nottinghill Carnival sponsored by Britannia Row and on one occasion Sensible music(1997, 1999, 2000, 2003). Raised money for UNICEF and Save the Children. Featured The Egg, Bluefoot, Joey Ducane, Neil Conti, Stefan Skarbek, Dan “The Viking” Newman, Ishmail, Mat Hodginson

Le Mead Charity event Raising money for Leukaemia Research Fund with Aston Martin / GM motors/ Brittania Row and The Bedfordshire Police

We would like to thank the following for their generosity/help with equipment over the years:

Soundcraft, Mesa Boogie, Peavey, Yamaha, Sensible Music, Britannia Row, Se Electronics


TF Company Profile

TF is an independent production company based in London and Scotland. Some of our award winning team have worked on feature films, documentaries and entertainment style programmes.

TF is filming concerts throughout the UK in 4k for TV broadcaster SPI international (2015). TF is presenting an innovative new music Tv format with Ixonos Plc to the international market (2015). TF has released some band performances to international broadcaster SPI for music channel 360 Tune box (2014)

TF’s latest production is The TFTV Music Show featuring a well known UK TV presenter. The Managing Director describes the concept of TFTV: “Our vision is to create a relationship with the public that The TFTV Music Show is the best programme to source the latest UK and US talent from the live venue circuit. In the past we have had Adele, Maximo Park and The Noisettes grace our events, which gives you an idea of the talent passing through. TFTV will deliver what’s hot in bespoke music venues on the Sunset strip in LA, Soho in London, New York and beyond. Each week new signed bands, established bands and emerging buzz bands on the UK/ US music scene perform. Always recorded live the bands have to be able to do it for real.”

TF is registered as a content provider for the BBC and Channel 4 with releases on Sony, Irma group, Definition TV (Sky), Pschent and iTunes.

TF also specializes in music composing/production working with established artists and TV/Film audio production.

TF will be attending Mipcom 2015 in Cannes represented by The UK Indies (PACT and UK Trade and Investment)

TF corporate website is

Areas of activity:

  • Production
  • Post Production
  • Production Services
  • New Media/Interactive
  • Event Management
  • HD
  • Music composing for Film and TV


  • Childrens
  • Documentaries
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Feature Films
  • Fitness & Well Being
  • Music/Live Event
  • Online
  • Specialist Factual


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