Andrea Faithful

Andrea Faithful


London, UK

Growing up in Hull, it was obvious that Andrea Faithful’s creativity and infectious personality would take her on to bigger and better things. A rebellious teenager whose

Andrea Faithful


Growing up in Hull, it was obvious that Andrea Faithful’s creativity and infectious personality would take her on to bigger and better things. A rebellious teenager whose bold style and fearlessness always kept her ahead of the crowd, Andrea is naturally well-versed in making a statement, challenging conformities and demanding attention. Despite releasing her debut single ‘Rock the Flex’ independently, the sensationally surreal video achieved incredible exposure on MTV and NME TV, as well as gaining plays on the influential BBC 6 Music station. Her success is not only national, but international, with ‘Rock the Flex’ reaching No.1 on the E Music chart in the USA, outshining the likes of Pixie Lott and Eminem. Andrea has performed at some of the hottest venues and parties in New York and London. Despite being an ambitious and single-minded workaholic, Andrea always finds time to blag herself into the most exclusive parties, and if she’s not guest DJ’ing at them, you can guarantee she’ll still have a story to tell – whether its falling down the stairs in front of Liv Tyler and Sean Penn or having Anthony Keidis (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) call her album “amazing”. Her countless tales of an unconventional childhood has inspired and driven Andrea to achieve her goals, rather than dwell on her life experiences. Contrary to misconceptions of her showstopping style, Andrea is defiantly unmaterialistic, choosing to throw herself into her work, rather than obsessing over the latest trend and personally creating a lot many of her own clothes. Andrea says: “I’m obsessed with the 80s/90’s, but try and take influence from a huge palate of styles to create my look. I’m even learning how to make shoes at the moment! I take this approach with my music, choosing to take complete control and mix it up as much as I can, without compromising the melodies.” Tirelessly creative, Andrea is as much at the helm of her career as she is her style, choosing to set up her own multi-dimensional record label, Chubby Kids Records, with musical ally Magna Kartah. Having already signed an array of songwriters and producers from as far afield as Japan, the label has already achieved immense success, with some of her roster achieving No.1 hits in territories including Japan, Germany, Holland, Portugal and Switzerland. Andrea Faithful works closely with multi-million selling producer Magna Kartah, with whom she wrote and produced her forthcoming album Right In the Middle, featuring the singles, Rock the Flex and Booby Trap. Magna Kartah’s has had huge success with his tracks ‘Miracle’ (featuring Afrika Bambatah) and ‘Ring my Bell’, which was a number one hit across Europe. Not just about the music, Chubby Kids clothing range designed by Andrea Faithful herself, has recently been picked up by large franchise in Bucharest to sell in stores. Combining the hooks of Katy Perry, and the rebellious attitude of Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees, with a rarely seen entrepreneurial streak, Andrea Faithful is more than future idol - she is bang on trend with everything that encapsulates today’s culture. Hitting the perfect balance between glamour and trash, party-starter and entrepreneur, Andrea is out to prove that underneath that skyscraping bouffant is more than enough brains and determination to turn a few heads!




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