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Andrew Foster
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London, UK

Im one of those annoying people who will pick up on a snatch of your conversation and build an album around it! With a razor sharp perception Andrew has always been praised on

Andrew Foster


Im one of those annoying people who will pick up on a snatch of your conversation and build an album around it! With a razor sharp perception Andrew has always been praised on his lyrical content with acoustic magazine and the BBC both commenting on how he paints pictures with his songs. A make-believe world that draws you in like an old fairground or moonlit pathway. ? Having a wide taste in music and a huge appreciation for the craft of song writing has seen him compared to the likes of Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley, but also the diversity of the Beatles and Bowie with a contemporary take. A huge back catalogue of work, some of it being released digitally on I-tunes is testament to Andrews song writing abilities and prolific recording work ethic. One which has seen him sell many copies of the debut album Media Ghost, second The Garden and third full length Panic Moon, and received glowing reviews from the press all three and playing festivals such as The Isle Of Wight, Glastonbury, and Redfest. Regular plays on BBC radio and gigs across the country have seen Andrew pick up various endorsements and thumbs up from contemporaries like Stephen Fretwell, Hard Fi and Lauren Pritchard. Touring with artists right across the musical spectrum from Mumford & Sons, Charlene Soraia, Terry Reid, Gemma Hayes, Emmy The Great through to Natalie Imbruglia, Mc Fly and Amy McDonald. The latest recording "Russell's Teapot" sees Andrew finally delivering a stripped down acoustic EP that is essentially just one man and a guitar. His live shows over the years have seen him develop his acoustic performance to sit alongside the Ryan Adams style fragile but self assured delivery and the intimacy of the singer/songwriters of yesteryear. "Russell's Teapot" is the record he's been threatening to make for a long time but the sonic landscapes of a full band have been too tempting. Andrew has had the pleasure of supporting the following artists:? ? Mumford & Sons * Martin Simpson * Hard Fi * Terry Reid * The Zombies * Mc Fly * Stephen Fretwell * Kate Walsh * Narina Pallot * Natalie Imbruglia * Sons of Adrian and Noel * Lauren Pritchard * Cara Dillon * Jon Allen * John Bramwell (I am Kloot) * YOAV * Beth Rowley * The Bluetones * Gold Heart Assembly * Mark Morris * David Ford * Nik Kershaw * Sam Beaton * Chris Helm (ex Seahorses) * Ben Ottowell (Gomez) * Amy McDonald * Polly Paulsma * John Power (ex Cast) * Priscilla Ahn * MERZ * Gemma Hayes * Tom Hingley (inspiral carpets) * Passanger * Sam Isaac * David Jordan * Emily Barker * The wonder stuff * Karima Francis * Emmy The Great * Terry Reid * and many more ? I was going to glide into this review quite sweetly, but instead I’m going to dive in head first and tell you that the very first track ‘Memory Maze’ makes me feel a little like this. The quick tempo of the video, combined with Andrew’s soft vocals equals elegance and sincerity. Much like a sunny daydream, Andrew Foster will wrap you up in your own little world in an instant. Hands can wave in your face and you’ll just stare through them in a musical bubble.? After reviewing Andrew’s ‘Panic Moon’ (find it here) it is safe to say that fairy tale feel is present once again in this fantastic four track EP.? From the wonder that is ‘Memory Maze’ to my personal favourite ‘Eyes To The Sky’, Foster’s latest sensation will make you want to float away for a little while. Just shut your eyes and ignore the world. As time ticks by you’ll simply melt in his soft melodies.? Find his EP right here, oh and his website here, oh and his Facebook, Twitter and Spotifybabyyyy! NEW REVIEWS




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