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Andy Mitchell from The Yardbirds
Andy Mitchell is the lead singer of legendary British Rock group The Yardbirds, that boasted 3 iconic...
TF Music Goes Live!
  TF Productions will be filming some talented Scottish acts at Stereo in Glasgow on Saturday the 12th...

TF Music Goes Live!


TF Productions will be filming some talented Scottish acts at Stereo in Glasgow on Saturday the 12th October 2019 from 4pm to 10pm. Please see our events calendar for details.


1st April 2015 

TF is pleased to announce it will be filming some amazing concerts throughout the UK in 4k for international TV broadcaster SPI International (360 Tune box and Funbox 4k).

8th October 2014 -

Just gearing up for in France for further meetings with broadcasters and producers. We are pleased to see band performances we have filmed being broadcast internationally with SPI Internationals great music TV show "Music Box 360". It is refreshing to see a different slant on music TV. They are really focusing on the best of established artists and new and emerging. We are also pleased to announce we are working with Ixonos Plc incorporating their innovative technology into our shows. Shortly we will be starting to film again in the UK.

US and UK broadcasters are still under discussion with the pilot we presented to them featuring a TV presenter who has presented for the BBC, MTV and numerous channels. Either way the show will be released online or via TV broadcasters.. We have been filming some amazing bands, which we look forward to bringing you in the first series due for release shortly.

“Our vision is to create a relationship with the public that the TF site is the place to source the latest UK and US talent from the live venue circuit. In the past we have had Adele, Maximo Park and The Noisettes grace our events which gives you an idea of the talent passing through. TFTV will give you a link to your TV, laptop or smart phone on what’s hot in bespoke music venues on the Sunset strip in LA, Soho in London, New York and beyond.

This is the TV version of The Marquee the legendary venue that launched David Bowie, Roxy Music, Rod Stewart and Elton John. This could be televisions answer to the Cavern Club. A ‘living’ venue with live bands. Each week new signed bands, established bands and emerging buzz bands on the UK/US music scene perform. Always live the bands have to be able to do it for real. This show is about atmosphere, a real night out but in the comfort of your own home. This is no studio audience but a real paying punter venue that happens to be on TV each week.

This websites goal is to collate the best musical talent under the term “VIP members”. The public will be able to log in and choose their favourite genre. Then they will be able to hear the best in that genre as rated by the public and TF. Audio and video is also available on iTunes. The site is about quality not quantity. I think the public are punch drunk with being bombarded with websites that feature thousands of low quality bands.

This website is about delivering the best to the public from talented new bands playing local bars and clubs to the major signed artists…please click on our animated video to give you some more insight. This is Bloomberg meets MTV on steroids…with bands always filmed live at some of the best venues around the world. Turn on, tune in and enjoy..and don’t forget to rate your favourite acts…and if you like a band you can leave them a tip. How can artists create if we don’t make a donation?The tragedy is people are downloading music for free which is removing the chance of new talent breaking through. We hope our site helps change this”

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