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  TF Productions will be filming some talented Scottish acts at Stereo in Glasgow on Saturday the 12th...
Andy Mitchell from The Yardbirds
Andy Mitchell is the lead singer of legendary British Rock group The Yardbirds, that boasted 3 iconic...

Andy Mitchell from The Yardbirds

Andy Mitchell Interview

Andy Mitchell is the lead singer of legendary British Rock group The Yardbirds, that boasted 3 iconic British lead guitarists, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. His solo material weaves classic rock pop and soul influences into a melodic modern rock sound, blending rock guitar riffs with a powerful soulful vocal delivery and pop-tinged soaring melodies...

Andy Mitchell Interview

L - Andy so you have just finished a tour with The Yard birds..

Andy - Yes I am fortunate to be the singer of the band

L – So please tell us about your great new album..

Andy - My new album is called Rooms because I wrote and recorded a lot of it when on tour with The Yardbirds in hotel rooms and in different studios and rooms..

L – I have had a listen to the album and really enjoyed it..strong melodies and chunky riffs..real classic song writing. So how did you get involved with The Yardbirds?

Andy - I was doing a gig at a venue in London called The Cobden club and Ben King the lead guitarist from The Yardbirds approached me and I was fortunate to land the job with The Yardbirds as the lead singer…Ben King is also playing guitar in my band now as well..

L – Well thanks for giving us some insight into the album and have a good one playing The TFTV show tonight at AAA..

Andy Mitchells album Rooms is available on iTunes

At TF we give it 5/5 with favourite tracks being “Bring it on” and “(Like A) New years day” Imagine Classic influences like Led Zeppelin, McCartney, The Isley Brothers merged with a modern rock sound like Incubus, The Stereophonics and U2.

Andy learnt to play guitar by listening to the rock greats like Thin Lizzy, Hendrix, Gilmour, Cream, Page and Beck, whilst lending an ear to the soulful vocal stylings of Stevie Wonder, and the acoustic melodicism of Joni Mitchell

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